Next Regular Council Meeting

March 19, 2015


March/April 2015 Newsletter



 Winter 2015 - Things to do around Lougheed and Area


                          Village of Lougheed

                                           Mayor:                Susan Armer

                                           Deputy Mayor:   Debra Smith

                                           Councillor:         Joe Cameron

                                           Councillor:         Terry Phoenix

                                           Councillor:         Dave Twerdochlib


Village of Lougheed CAO

Colleen Mayne


Public Works Foreman

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**NEW**   -   George Grosariu


Village Office Hours are: 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM



        What is that noise?


 Construction has commenced on the new Lougheed Co-op Seed Cleaning Plant!


The Bell Tower Replaced!!!

 Return of the Bell tower


 The bell tower is back and looks great!  Terry says that it sounds great too!



Community Spirit Grant

The Alberta Government Community Spirit Grant made it possible for the Lougheed Public Library to purchase new childrens table and chairs, just in time for the Summer Reading Program!!!


Alberta Emergency Alert 



Lougheed Parade

Lougheed Fairlougheed Fair



Active Community

Lougheed has a very active community life. There is ample opportunity to participate in the Village's many community service organizations and social groups. Meetings, bingo's, socials, dances and other community events are    held in the Community Hall and Seniors' Centre .