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Survey Letter

2017 Strategic Plan Survey


A reminder to all residence that if you have any plumbing problems on your own property it is your responsibility to contact a plumber and deal with the issue. The Village is only responsible if the issue is on village property. Please contact the village office if you have any questions regarding this notice.


 New Council

The Village of Lougheed is excited to announce The Mayor:  Debra Smith,  Deputy Mayor:  Kim Martin, Councillor:  Janice Bishop

The Organizatonal meeting was  held on September 28, 2017.

Congratulations to all.

Regular Meeting October 19,2017 at 7:00p.m.





As some of you may have noticed on your taxes there are two dates that read 2016. These are incorrect as they should be 2017. The Village would like to apologize for any confusion there may have been and will make an effort to prevent this from happening in the future. If anyone has any further questions regarding this error do not hesitate to contact the village.




         Village Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9:00AM - 4:00PM

Phone: 780-386-3970

PW /After Hours: 780-888-7027

In the event of a meeting where Staff are expected to attend, any required training scheduled those days, or to run an errand, or sickness, a message will be posted on the front door when possible, to notify the public of the closure, as well as indicating when Staff are expected to return.

Although Staff may be working in the office outside of this time, and with the exception of an emergency event, please respect the need for that time to focus on work that needs to be completed.

The Village of Lougheed Council thanks you.


What is that noise?

Construction has commenced on the new Lougheed Co-op Seed Cleaning Plant!


The Bell Tower Replaced!!!

Return of the Bell tower

The bell tower is back and looks great! Terry says that it sounds great too!

Community Spirit Grant

The Alberta Government Community Spirit Grant made it possible for the Lougheed Public Library to purchase new childrens table and chairs, just in time for the Summer Reading Program!!!

Alberta Emergency Alert


Lougheed Parade

Lougheed Fairlougheed Fair

Active Community

Lougheed has a very active community life. There is ample opportunity to participate in the Village's many community service organizations and social groups. Meetings, bingo's, socials, dances and other community events are held in the Community Hall and Seniors' Centre .